Creative Consulting

Often, the hardest part of the creative process is knowing where to begin. Our goal is to identify your brand and create a strategy specific to your goals. Getting to know you as a person and as an artist is the first step we take towards creating a plan to develop your visual identity. After our initial creative consultation, we'll draw up a strategy and help you build an arsenal of visual marketing tools to help you grow your visibility. 

Brand development

Identifying what sets you apart from the pack can be a daunting task, but an artist's brand is as important step in starting to build an organic fanbase. It's crucial to allow an audience to easily be able to identify with you and your music. The best way to do this is by staying consistent and true to yourself. Our job is to capture your identity and translate it into a visual representation for fans to identify with.

Brand Management

Once you're brand has been established, it's important to remain consistent and calculated in managing the perception of your image. We offer a variety of production services to make sure your brand is consistent across all your separate platforms. We work to make sure your visual brand is top quality and on strategy.  

Social Media Management

Listen, there are so many social media platforms out there, and many of them fulfill the same purpose. It's important not to be bogged down by trying to spread yourself across EVERY social media app that exists. We'll help you identify which platforms will work best for your career and create a calculated strategy  on how to build your following. 

Video production

Video is king, and it's not going away anytime soon. The problem these days is everyone seems to have access to a "videographer" with a "pretty good camera." It's hard to create an identifiable brand when all your visuals lack any kind of quality or consistency. What we offer is a full-service visual release strategy to boost your visibility and create a consistent visual identity. 


We work with some of Nashville's top photographers to create high-quality, consistent stills for use across all marketing materials. Our philosophy with photography is shoot often and if it's dope, post it! We like to get out and shoot with artist as often as possible in order to build a photo aresenal so your content never gets stale.  

Graphic design

We offer design services ranging from logo design to websites to album artwork. Design is a key element in creating a uniform look and feel for your brand.