A LA Carte

(Pricing chart represents approximate costs of a variety of our services to give you an idea when determining a budget for your project.)



Music video director

Chase Lauer has directed videos for some of todays' hottest country acts, including, Sam Hunt, Brett Young, Lee Brice and Walker McGuire. He'll work with you to write a treatment and execute your vision from start to finish.


Music video dp

If you're in the market for someone to shoot your videos, The Lookout Media would love to set you up with a Director of Photography. It's always a pleasure to collaborate with other artists. 




Video Editing

The Lookout Media offers post-production services ranging from video editing to color grading and file delivery. Editing can be billed by the hour or by the day.


Music Video Producer

A producer is essential in handling the budget, locations and operations of a music video shoot. The Lookout Media offers years of experience filming music videos in Nashville to help you produce the best video possible.




Photo Shoot

Chase Lauer is a published photographer with images appearing anywhere from Rolling Stone to your favorite artist's album cover. Through his guerilla style approach and use of natural light, Lauer is able to cover more ground than your traditional photographer, without sacraficing quality. 


Tour Videographer

Looking to take a videographer out on the road to capture your live show? Look no further. We have a collective of great videographers and photogrpahers willing to travel the raods and create captivating content for your fans!